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To Mix or Not to Mix Metals?

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a little razzle-dazzle, it can be as simple as switching out some of your fixtures. The idea of using a combination of different metals may sound jarring, but if done effectively, your kitchen can maintain a cohesive flow. You want to try to keep the metals that are around the same level uniform as pictured above. The pulls and knobs are chrome and the chandeliers and hood are framed in gold. It gives it a nice subtle pop in color yet is still uniform since the gold is at eye level and the chrome below. A super easy and affordable way that you may want to test out this theory is by adding a different colored metal on top of your counters i.e. vases, fruit baskets, etc. Metal framed barstools can also work. The barstools may be at the same level as the pulls and knobs but if they’re placed in a different part of the kitchen giving them enough space it can still work.